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How I became interested in Personal Memoirs.

My grandfather was a Nasa engineer in Orange County in the 1950's. He is fabled in my mind, a brilliant man, said to have been funny. Someone that uncannily knew just about, everything. Perhaps my grandfather who I never got to meet has been an impetus of my desire to encourage others to record their elders. I have often wished for just ten minutes of footage to see his face, to hear his words, and what he says.

In the 1960's video cameras (as you may remember) were not widely available. I am so passionate about using time well, and not taking for granted the time we do have. Our parents, our grandparents, our family heritage is a gift unique to us, and has shaped us into who we are. I have been doing Video Memoirs for about 4 years now, little by little to build this business, and about half of the people I have filmed have passed. The children of the people that have passed are so grateful that they made the decision to honor their loved ones with a film.

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