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Just imagine having a video memoir of your 
grandparents or parents...don't hesitate to make your digital biography. 


Our professionally crafted videos take you or your loved one on a gentle stroll down memory lane, weaving together an extended interview, photos and more to create a memoir your family will cherish as the years go on. 

Don't wait to capture the memories.

  • Be interviewed by the person of your choice or one of our engaging staff.

  • Filming is at the location of your choice.

  • Our guided process makes this easy and fun for everyone.

  • Book a complimentary getting to know you tea session with us now to learn more.

We serve the Silicon Valley, Bay Area, Santa Cruz and beyond.



Don't wait to share your presence

with your loved ones and generations to come

"It was so wonderful to have Krista capture my father. Her authentic presence while recording was valuable because my father could tell his stories candidly and truly capture the history that I want my family to remember. She went above and beyond to meet with us, coming to our home and working with our schedule. I am glad we have this memoir, especially now that he has passed. Now all of her descendants will have the opportunity to see their heritage and that means a lot to him. Thank you Krista!"

The video memoir making process
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Krista Bluesmith is an avid filmmaker who is inspired by the journeys of all humanity. She was inspired to start Family Video Memoirs when she had a mentor pass on that there was no significant recording of. She now wants to encourage and remind people that everyone deserves to be put on film for a little conversation. 

Niki Gastinel is a friendly tech veteran with 20 years in Silicon Valley working for companies from cutting edge startups to Apple. She is a community builder and active volunteer for multiple non-profits. When Niki’s mom died of a fast lethal illness, how she wished she had made a video memoir of her mom in earlier times. Niki is now inspired to help others create memories of their families that last forever.

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We serve the Silicon Valley, Bay Area, Santa Cruz and beyond.

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"My grandfather passed away last month at the age of 100. We are so fortunate to have been able to record him retelling stories from his life. He lived just long enough to see his great granddaughter and now she will be able to appreciate his memories as she gets older. Thank you!"

"I am so grateful that Krista filmed my mother. Since the filming, some of the memories aren't as clear as they were, and it is very special to have these records for our family. Highly recommend."

"I am so touched to have a film of my grandmother, Carmen Carney. There is nothing like having an actual video to help me remember my love for her, and I'm glad it's not just up to my memory. I am greatful that I can share with my children yet to come who my grandmother was as a person. I love seeing the family history included. Whenever I miss my grandma I pull out the video. I only wish I also had this of my grandfather. Anyone thinking about it should just go for it. The process was very fulfilling for my grandmother and our family."

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